Armenian Virtual College (AVC)

The mission of the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) is to provide learners around the world with the opportunity to receive a full-fledged education in Armenian Studies, regardless of their age, country of residence, or knowledge level. With the latest advances in the world of virtual education, AVC strives to create a virtual learning community that fosters both the cultural education and social communication otherwise out of the reach of students who wish to pursue education in the field of Armenian Studies.


At the Alex & Marie Manoogian High School, we have been using the hybrid version of the AVC online program for 5 years and sincerely appreciate the resources provided to us by AVC, as it aspires to be the leading online higher education institution in Armenian Studies with an educative outreach worldwide.


The Core Values of AVC:

Academic and technology excellence

Supportive online atmosphere

Creativity and innovation

Promotion of lifelong learning for career and personal growth Maintenance and revitalization of the Armenian culture Continuous partnerships with Armenian communities